GameDevTraum is a platform dedicated to share articles, videos and downloads related to Computer Graphics, Simulations and Software development.

The content is organized in five main pillars.


Development with Unity

Unity is a graphics engine that simplifies the development process of visual applications such as video games or simulations.


Having programming knowledge is necessary to be able to use different tools to generate computer graphics.

3D Design

In this section we see how to use Blender software to create 3D models and export them to Unity to be used in video games and simulations.


Without a doubt, mathematics is a very important tool that helps us to make calculations, create models and process data.

Computer Science

In this section we see notions of hardware, which is useful to understand how computers work and the basis behind a high level language.


The main content of this website consists of articles that answer questions related to the main topics of the site. In GameDevTraum there are hundreds of articles, here you have some of the most viewed articles from the different categories.

Close Game via Script in Unity

In this article we see what instruction must be executed to close a game made in Unity, in addition a button is placed on screen that when pressed closes the game.

Communication Between Scripts

In this article we see how to access and use information and functions that are defined in other Scripts, with examples in C# Unity.

Join and Separate Objects in Blender

In this article we see how to join two or more objects in Blender, so we will have a single object that contains several Meshes. Then we see how to separate these Meshes into different objects.

Summation and Product Notation

In this article we see the definition of summation and product notation, examples and implementation in programming.

The Bit in Computer Science Hardware

In this article we talk about the BIT in computer science, first from an algebraic perspective, then about computer hardware and finally about binary representation.


The GameDevTraum channel has almost 100 videos in English and new videos are constantly being translated so it is constantly growing. The articles are usually supported by these videos, which complement the information and also offer a different alternative to acquire the knowledge.

Randomly Instantiate in Unity

In this video we see how to define an array with objects, then select an object at random, clone it and position it in the scene.

Cutting and Sectioning in Blender

In this video we quickly see how to use the Knife and Bisect tools to make cuts on 3D models in Blender.

Change Scene with Button in Unity

In this video we see a way to load any scene by pressing a button in Unity, a downloadable package is included in the description.

Modify variable gradually in Unity

In this video we see how to make a float variable increase or decrease a certain amount per second.

Transparent Material in Unity

En este vídeo vemos cómo se puede modelar piezas de revolución en Blender a partir de una imagen de referencia.






There are some compilations to show progress in projects, solutions to certain problems or certain mechanics but they are not a complete product. 


A menu design with music, fog effects and lighting. The buttons do not lead to any scene, it’s just the main menu.


A solution that allows you to select the character to play with and then load a scene where that character will appear.

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