Some­times we have a lot of unwant­ed geom­e­try in our mod­els, in this arti­cle we are going to see how to remove dupli­cate ver­tices in Blender, that is to say ver­tices that are over­lap­ping oth­er ver­tices or very close to each oth­er and can cause 3D mod­el visu­al­iza­tion problems.

I have just the perfect video for this:

In this video we see how to REMOVE DUPLICATED VERTICES in Blender.

How do we know that have overlapping vertices

To begin with we have the fol­low­ing cube that at first sight seems nor­mal, how­ev­er if we see the infor­ma­tion of its poly­gons we notice some­thing strange, this cube has 11 ver­tices although it seems to have only 8, this means that there are oth­er ver­tices and prob­a­bly they are over­lapped with the others.

3d models with duplicated vertices in blender
Fig. 1: The geom­e­try infor­ma­tion tells us that this cube has eleven vertices.

By the way, you can display the geometry information this way:

To elim­i­nate the dupli­cat­ed ver­tices we select all the ver­tices of the mod­el (key A) and with F3 we open the oper­a­tion search win­dow, look for the option "Merge By Dis­tance" and click on it.

3d model with duplicate vertices in blender, all vertices are selected to remove duplicate vertices
Fig. 2: To remove dupli­cate ver­tices first select all ver­tices of the model.
merge by distance option in blender to remove duplicate vertices
Fig. 3: In the search win­dow we type "merge" and choose the option "By Distance".

In this case, as shown in Fig­ure 3, a mes­sage appears at the bot­tom of the win­dow inform­ing us that 3 ver­tices have been removed and now the cube has 8 vertices.

message in blender indicating that duplicate vertices have been removed.
Fig. 4: A mes­sage at the bot­tom informs us of the result of the operation.
3d model without duplicate vertices in Blender
Fig. 5: By select­ing again all the ver­tices we see that now the mod­el has eight vertices.

In case the oper­a­tion did not work it could be because of the dis­tance with which the oper­a­tor was applied, in the low­er left cor­ner, after apply­ing a "Merge By Dis­tance" we get the win­dow shown in Fig­ure 6, there we can set the dis­tance that is con­sid­ered to merge the ver­tices, we can try increas­ing this dis­tance but we have to be care­ful with two things, one is that a very big dis­tance could ruin oth­er parts of the mod­el with­out us notic­ing and sec­ond, once we change the dis­tance, the next time we use "Merge By Dis­tance" Blender will remem­ber that dis­tance and apply the oper­a­tion with it.

merge by distance window that allows you to eliminate duplicate vertices based on their distance from each other.
Fig. 6: The dis­tance can be set to con­sid­er which ver­tices should be merged.

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