Basic C# for Unity

articulo y video sobre programacion basica c# para unity, como programar una sentencia if

IF Statement — Decision Control Structure

Intro­duc­tion The IF state­ment allows us to make a deci­sion based on whether a con­di­tion is true or false. The sim­ple deci­sion is to per­form an action if the con­di­tion is true and oth­er­wise do noth­ing. The dou­ble deci­sion allows us to per­form a sec­ond action if the con­di­tion is false. In the fol­low­ing video you can â€¦

IF State­ment — Deci­sion Con­trol Struc­ture Read More Â»

How to call FUNCTIONS defined in another Script. Examples in C# Unity

Intro­duc­tion In this arti­cle we will see how to exe­cute func­tions defined in one script from a sec­ond script. First we look at the gener­ic pro­ce­dure. IMPORTANT Here you have a video about access­ing call­ing func­tions from anoth­er script. All the infor­ma­tion is pre­sent­ed to you as a gener­ic exam­ple, two scripts, "Scrip­tA" and "ScriptB", the func­tion we â€¦

How to call FUNCTIONS defined in anoth­er Script. Exam­ples in C# Uni­ty Read More Â»

Modularization in Programming

Intro­duc­tion In this arti­cle we see what MODULARIZATION is in pro­gram­ming and why it is impor­tant. We will also see exam­ples of appli­ca­tions in C# lan­guage in Uni­ty. What is MODULARIZATION in Pro­gram­ming and what is it for? The word mod­u­lar­iza­tion comes from mod­ule, whose tex­tu­al def­i­n­i­tion is: " each of a set of stan­dard­ized parts or â€¦

Mod­u­lar­iza­tion in Pro­gram­ming Read More Â»

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