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In this article we are going to see how to export 3D models, with materials, UV maps and animations, from Blender to the Unity engine, in which format and a some useful tips to prepare models before exporting.

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How to export a 3D model?

The process is simple, being in object mode, we select the 3D model or models that we want to export. Then click on File > Export and choose the format to which you want to export it.

In my case I always check the “Selected Only” box to export only the selected 3D models to Unity.

Format to use

The format I use is .fbx (Filmbox), which has not given me any inconvenience and allows me to export the materials contained in the 3D model, the animation skeletons, the actions defined with the Action Editor and the Shape Keys.

Things I take into account before exporting

Before exporting from Blender to Unity I try to improve certain aspects of the 3D model in order to have everything as organized and simple as possible.

About the names of the 3D models

In Blender’s Outliner we can modify the names of objects and since those names are going to be exported directly from Blender to Unity, I like them to be as descriptive as possible.

In the long run, when we have many 3D models in our project, organization is fundamental.

About the origins of 3D models

The origin of an object is the point in the space that represents it. The transformations of translation, rotation and scale of the object will be applied with respect to that point. So, in general, we are interested in its being in a coherent place in the 3D model.

The Blender 3D Cursor is used to change the position of the origin.

We enter the geometry editing mode and select a vertex, edge or face where we want to place the origin. Then press “CTRL + SHIFT + S” and choose the option “Cursor to Selected”, to move the 3D cursor to the selected element.

Go back to Object mode, right click on the 3D model, go to the “Set Origin” option and choose “Origin to 3D Cursor”. This will place the coordinate origin of the 3D model in the position where the cursor is.

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