{ How to apply COLORS and MATERIALS to 3D MODELS in Blender } – Blender to Unity Series

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Video Description

A new series has arrived to the channel :D, this time is about exporting Blender models to Unity. In this video we apply materials with colors to the 3d model made in the previous video, it’s important to determine how many materials a 3d model will have and how they are gonna be distribuited in the model, because this information is gonna be transferred to Unity when exporting. Note in this video we don’t apply textures to the model, just make a model have two or more materials with their respective color.

List of videos:

Introduction to the Blender to Unity series (this video)
How to create a simple 3D model, tips and tricks.

Applying materials to the 3D model (this video)

UV map of the model for each material and textures Translating…

Export the model from Blender to Unity Translating…

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