Basic Programming


In this section we are going to make an introduction to programming, i.e. we are going to talk about basic topics for those who do not have knowledge about the subject.

What’s the most important thing?

In my opinion the most important thing is that we approach the study of programming from a broad perspective without thinking of any particular language. This is because programming has many applications and in different languages, but most of them share similar concepts.

To learn programming we are going to start familiarizing ourselves with the basic concepts, understand what a computer program is, choose a programming language to learn the syntax (in our case C# because we are going to use it for the development of games in Unity) and we are going to perform practical exercises. All this through articles and videos.

Basic Programming Concepts

It is important to become familiar with the basic concepts of programming because these will be common currency when creating solutions.


Full article about Scripts in programming.

Script is a file in which we write a series of instructions that will then be interpreted and executed by a processor.


Full article on Programming Variables.

Variables are used to represent primitive data such as integers and fractional numbers, characters or binary numbers.

Methods in programming

Article on programming methods.

A method in programming is a tool that allows us to include a series of instructions under a name and then use it in different parts of our code.

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