Basic Programming


In this secĀ­tion we are going to make an introĀ­ducĀ­tion to proĀ­gramĀ­ming, i.e. we are going to talk about basic topĀ­ics for those who do not have knowlĀ­edge about the subject.

What's the most important thing?

In my opinĀ­ion the most imporĀ­tant thing is that we approach the study of proĀ­gramĀ­ming from a broad perĀ­specĀ­tive withĀ­out thinkĀ­ing of any parĀ­ticĀ­uĀ­lar lanĀ­guage. This is because proĀ­gramĀ­ming has many appliĀ­caĀ­tions and in difĀ­ferĀ­ent lanĀ­guages, but most of them share simĀ­iĀ­lar concepts.

To learn proĀ­gramĀ­ming we are going to start familĀ­iarĀ­izĀ­ing ourĀ­selves with the basic conĀ­cepts, underĀ­stand what a comĀ­putĀ­er proĀ­gram is, choose a proĀ­gramĀ­ming lanĀ­guage to learn the synĀ­tax (in our case C# because we are going to use it for the develĀ­opĀ­ment of games in UniĀ­ty) and we are going to perĀ­form pracĀ­tiĀ­cal exerĀ­cisĀ­es. All this through artiĀ­cles and videos.

Basic Programming Concepts

It is imporĀ­tant to become familĀ­iar with the basic conĀ­cepts of proĀ­gramĀ­ming because these will be comĀ­mon curĀ­renĀ­cy when creĀ­atĀ­ing solutions.


Full artiĀ­cle about Scripts in programming.

Script is a file in which we write a series of instrucĀ­tions that will then be interĀ­pretĀ­ed and exeĀ­cutĀ­ed by a processor.


Full artiĀ­cle on ProĀ­gramĀ­ming Variables. 

VariĀ­ables are used to repĀ­reĀ­sent primĀ­iĀ­tive data such as inteĀ­gers and fracĀ­tionĀ­al numĀ­bers, charĀ­acĀ­ters or binaĀ­ry numbers. 

Methods in programming

ArtiĀ­cle on proĀ­gramĀ­ming methods.

A method in proĀ­gramĀ­ming is a tool that allows us to include a series of instrucĀ­tions under a name and then use it in difĀ­ferĀ­ent parts of our code. 

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