Instrumental Music for work

On this occasion I bring a mix of one hour of environmental instrumental music to study or work on a project for an hour.

You can put this melody in the background while you do some homework, for example studying a language or doing a job. You can also use it to read a book for an hour.

The idea is to propose maximum concentration for the duration of the melody. At the end you will have dedicated an hour to your projects.

It may not seem like much of an hour for a project, but if we transform this practice into an everyday habit, after a few weeks the progress will be remarkable.

Video Purpose

I made this video mostly for my own use as a way of measuring time commitment.

Whether you want to read a book, study, write, make 3D models, practice a language, program or any other task, I intend to concentrate on maximum concentration for the duration of this video.

It depends on the occasion, but in general instrumental music is appropriate for me to isolate myself from the environment without losing concentration. That’s why I made the video have a low volume, but maybe too much.

We all have an hour a day if we gather free time, television time or perhaps a nap that was not necessary. It is true that it is often difficult to overcome tiredness after a day’s work, so you need willpower to start.

But if we manage to establish the habit of devoting one hour a day to a personal project, you can soon see the progress.

About Phrases

The phrases I chose are positive and motivating, which is what we need every morning to get the day off to a good start.

With the exception of the introduction, all phrases are attributed to recognized philosophers, writers, artists, scientists and brilliant minds, as well as proverbs and phrases of unknown origin.

I did not want to include the author because of possible errors in the sources of information. I believe that these phrases have a value of truth and wisdom regardless of to whom they are attributed.

Some names of authors are:

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

-René Descartes

-Martin Fierro

-Paulo Coehlo

-Albert Einstein

-Steve Jobs

-Charles Dickens

-Charles Chaplin

-Bill Gates

-Isaac Asimov

-Bruce Lee

-Henry Ford

-Pablo Picasso

About music

At all times you can hear in the background the sound captured somewhere in Argentinian Patagonia, far away from the city.

Various birds such as sparrows, pigeons and parrots, as well as roosters and geese.
Children playing, dogs, perhaps a light wind and the sound of leaves.

As far as possible I tried to suppress the sound of vehicles and noises that do not come from nature.

The songs you hear are a mix taken from the YouTube library for creators, some names are:

-Angelic Forest – Doug Maxwell

-Dreamer – DivKid

-Neither Sweat nor Tears – Dan Bodan

-Serenity – Aakash Gandhi

-WaterFall – Aakash Gandhi

-Stale Mate – Jingle Punks

-Quiet Nights – Nate Blaze

La música se encuentra limitada a un tope de decibeles, de modo que se puede ajustar un determinado volumen esperando que se mantenga a ese nivel en todo momento.

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