Instrumental Music for work

On this occa­sion I bring a mix of one hour of envi­ron­men­tal instru­men­tal music to study or work on a project for an hour.

You can put this melody in the back­ground while you do some home­work, for exam­ple study­ing a lan­guage or doing a job. You can also use it to read a book for an hour.




The idea is to pro­pose max­i­mum con­cen­tra­tion for the dura­tion of the melody. At the end you will have ded­i­cat­ed an hour to your projects.

It may not seem like much of an hour for a project, but if we trans­form this prac­tice into an every­day habit, after a few weeks the progress will be remarkable.

Video Purpose

I made this video most­ly for my own use as a way of mea­sur­ing time commitment.

Whether you want to read a book, study, write, make 3D mod­els, prac­tice a lan­guage, pro­gram or any oth­er task, I intend to con­cen­trate on max­i­mum con­cen­tra­tion for the dura­tion of this video.

It depends on the occa­sion, but in gen­er­al instru­men­tal music is appro­pri­ate for me to iso­late myself from the envi­ron­ment with­out los­ing con­cen­tra­tion. That's why I made the video have a low vol­ume, but maybe too much.

We all have an hour a day if we gath­er free time, tele­vi­sion time or per­haps a nap that was not nec­es­sary. It is true that it is often dif­fi­cult to over­come tired­ness after a day's work, so you need willpow­er to start.

But if we man­age to estab­lish the habit of devot­ing one hour a day to a per­son­al project, you can soon see the progress.

About Phrases

The phras­es I chose are pos­i­tive and moti­vat­ing, which is what we need every morn­ing to get the day off to a good start.

With the excep­tion of the intro­duc­tion, all phras­es are attrib­uted to rec­og­nized philoso­phers, writ­ers, artists, sci­en­tists and bril­liant minds, as well as proverbs and phras­es of unknown origin.

I did not want to include the author because of pos­si­ble errors in the sources of infor­ma­tion. I believe that these phras­es have a val­ue of truth and wis­dom regard­less of to whom they are attributed.

Some names of authors are:

-Johann Wolf­gang von Goethe

‑René Descartes

‑Mar­tin Fierro

‑Paulo Coehlo

‑Albert Einstein

‑Steve Jobs

‑Charles Dickens

‑Charles Chaplin

‑Bill Gates

‑Isaac Asimov

‑Bruce Lee

‑Hen­ry Ford

‑Pablo Picasso

About music

At all times you can hear in the back­ground the sound cap­tured some­where in Argen­tin­ian Patag­o­nia, far away from the city.

Var­i­ous birds such as spar­rows, pigeons and par­rots, as well as roost­ers and geese. 
Chil­dren play­ing, dogs, per­haps a light wind and the sound of leaves.

As far as pos­si­ble I tried to sup­press the sound of vehi­cles and nois­es that do not come from nature.

The songs you hear are a mix tak­en from the YouTube library for cre­ators, some names are:

-Angel­ic For­est — Doug Maxwell

-Dream­er — DivKid

-Nei­ther Sweat nor Tears — Dan Bodan

-Seren­i­ty — Aakash Gand­hi

‑Water­Fall — Aakash Gand­hi

-Stale Mate — Jin­gle Punks

-Qui­et Nights — Nate Blaze

La músi­ca se encuen­tra lim­i­ta­da a un tope de deci­beles, de modo que se puede ajus­tar un deter­mi­na­do vol­u­men esperan­do que se man­ten­ga a ese niv­el en todo momento.

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