Go to Hell!


The pro­tag­o­nist of the sto­ry argues with a friend, who ends up send­ing him to hell. Our hero takes these words very seri­ous­ly and decides to ful­fill this task so that his friend can for­give him. Help him in his mis­sion to descend to the bow­els of the earth with­out dying in the process.

How to play

Move with the WASD keys or arrow keys, you can jump with SPACE, move the cam­era with the MOUSE. Descend to the bot­tom of hell so that your friend for­gives you.

Developed for the Ludum Dare 48 Game Jam with theme "Deeper and Deeper" by:





Technical Details

Next we are going to review some infor­ma­tion about the inner work­ings of this game and its mechan­ics, first of all it is a 3D project devel­oped with the Uni­ty engine.

Scene structure

This game is set up in two scenes, the first scene is the main menu scene that has only two but­tons, one to play and anoth­er but­ton to close the game. Press­ing the play but­ton starts a sequence of images and sounds nar­rat­ing the sto­ry, this sequence is imple­ment­ed in the same scene of the main menu and can be skipped by press­ing space, when the sequence ends or is skipped, at that moment the change to the game scene occurs.

Player-controlled character

The play­er con­trols the char­ac­ter using the direc­tion­al arrows or the WASD keys, the cam­era is con­trolled with the mouse. The first-per­son con­trol was pro­grammed from scratch before the game jam, I was doing exper­i­ments with plat­forms and so that a char­ac­ter can take fall dam­age, plus make that the jump has some momentum.

3D models of the city and the pit to hell

The 3D mod­els of the scenery are mod­els I made using Blender, some tex­tures were made with Sub­stance Painter while oth­ers like the tex­tures of the build­ings were tak­en from the browser.

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