Go to Hell!


The protagonist of the story argues with a friend, who ends up sending him to hell. Our hero takes these words very seriously and decides to fulfill this task so that his friend can forgive him. Help him in his mission to descend to the bowels of the earth without dying in the process.

How to play

Move with the WASD keys or arrow keys, you can jump with SPACE, move the camera with the MOUSE. Descend to the bottom of hell so that your friend forgives you.

Developed for the Ludum Dare 48 Game Jam with theme "Deeper and Deeper" by:





Technical Details

Next we are going to review some information about the inner workings of this game and its mechanics, first of all it is a 3D project developed with the Unity engine.

Scene structure

This game is set up in two scenes, the first scene is the main menu scene that has only two buttons, one to play and another button to close the game. Pressing the play button starts a sequence of images and sounds narrating the story, this sequence is implemented in the same scene of the main menu and can be skipped by pressing space, when the sequence ends or is skipped, at that moment the change to the game scene occurs.

Player-controlled character

The player controls the character using the directional arrows or the WASD keys, the camera is controlled with the mouse. The first-person control was programmed from scratch before the game jam, I was doing experiments with platforms and so that a character can take fall damage, plus make that the jump has some momentum.

3D models of the city and the pit to hell

The 3D models of the scenery are models I made using Blender, some textures were made with Substance Painter while others like the textures of the buildings were taken from the browser.

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