Unity Engine Tutorials and Solutions


In this section you will find all the articles related to the development of videogames with Unity.

There are two types of articles, Unity Tutorials that show how to make something in Unity and Unity Solutions that solve a certain problem and can be easily implemented.


Unity Fundamental Series – Understanding Basic Engine Components

Section of Unity’s fundamental series.

The fundamental series is about analyzing basic components and methods that are used in any project. We use a special room with 10 stations that will allow us to analyze these methods.

Labyrinth Series – Create Simple First Person Game in Unity

Section of the labyrinth game series.

A simple first-person game in which the stage is a labyrinth and an object appears in a random position inside. The goal is to find the object and get out of the labyrinth before time runs out.

Currently the labyrinth series has 13 videos and 11 articles, downloads of 3D models and textures used, you can also download the scripts that are resolved in the videos.

Solutions for Unity

Solutions solve specific problems.

The idea is that these solutions can be easily applied to our projects without having to modify our pre-existing code too much.

miniatura de un articulo sobre inteligencia artificial simple para enemigos implementada en Unity
Simple artificial intelligence for enemies.

Simple artificial intelligence for the Standard Assets AIThirdPerson prefabricate. With this system the enemies will be in different states, they will be able to detect the player, chase him and shoot him.

Fade In/Fade Out effect for the display.

The Fade In/Fade Out effect is useful for loading screens, transitions between scenes and more. To achieve this we use a GameObject type Image on a Canvas.

Simple minimap in Unity.

Simple minimap in Unity without writing code. Using an auxiliary camera in spelling mode and relating this camera to the player.

activar botones e interruptores en unity
Base interaction system for Unity.

Basic system for the interactions of a character in first person with any element of the scenario. By pressing the E key we can make a series of actions to be executed.

Patrol system for the prototype NPC Enemy

This article shows a solution for making Unity’s non-playable characters (NPCs) patrol a route made up of a series of points.

Unity Pause Menu

A menu that can be displayed during the game and allows you to set simple parameters such as resolution and volume, as well as exit the game.

A simple but effective solution for displaying different types of messages on screen.

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