How to Solve: Visual Studio doesn't autocomplete in Unity


In this artiĀ­cle we see how to solve the VisuĀ­al StuĀ­dio error in which it does not autoĀ­comĀ­plete code, that is to say, it does not recĀ­ogĀ­nize the engine's own comĀ­poĀ­nents such as the GameObĀ­ject, ComĀ­poĀ­nent or RigidĀ­Body class, this makes the proĀ­gramĀ­ming task very hard.


How to connect Visual Studio to Unity to make autocomplete work

First make sure that VisuĀ­al StuĀ­dio is installed, if this was not done at the time of installing UniĀ­ty, you can install it by going to UniĀ­ty HUB, to the "Installs" secĀ­tion and adding the VisuĀ­al StuĀ­dio modĀ­ule to the verĀ­sion of the engine you are using.

If VisuĀ­al StuĀ­dio is installed but still does not sugĀ­gest us code we have to make sure that VisuĀ­al StuĀ­dio is conĀ­nectĀ­ed to UniĀ­ty, for that in UniĀ­ty we go to Edit > PrefĀ­erĀ­ences > ExterĀ­nal Tools. In the Script ediĀ­tor part, using the drop-down menu choose "VisuĀ­al StuĀ­dio" (if this option does not appear it may indiĀ­cate that VisuĀ­al StuĀ­dio is not installed), you can also use the "Browse" option to locate the exeĀ­cutable of the ediĀ­tor you want to use.

Once this is done VisuĀ­al StuĀ­dio will start autoĀ­comĀ­pletĀ­ing code relatĀ­ed to the UniĀ­ty engine, such as GameObĀ­ject, ColĀ­lidĀ­er or RigidĀ­Body components.

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