Timelapses of 3D models made with BLENDER


In this artiĀ­cle I show some of the Blender timeĀ­lapsĀ­es I have made in the last time.

TimeĀ­lapse is a techĀ­nique used to show a slow process in an accelĀ­erĀ­atĀ­ed way. I like to see 3D modĀ­elĀ­ing timeĀ­lapsĀ­es because they are enterĀ­tainĀ­ing and new ways of doing things are usuĀ­alĀ­ly discovered.


Rubik's Cube

This was the first one I made for the chanĀ­nel, a Rubik's cube that you get by first modĀ­elĀ­ing a cube with roundĀ­ed edges and then dupliĀ­catĀ­ing until you have all the pieces.

MateĀ­riĀ­als are defined from the ShadĀ­er EdiĀ­tor (in Blender 2.79 was the Node EdiĀ­tor), no texĀ­tures are used.

Chess Pawns

A pair of chess pawns made in two difĀ­ferĀ­ent ways in Blender, in one we start from a sphere and the faces are extrudĀ­ed downĀ­wards and in the othĀ­er one we start from a cirĀ­cle for the base and extruĀ­sions are made upwards.

To help shape the parts is modĀ­eled with a refĀ­erĀ­ence image locatĀ­ed in the backĀ­ground, this is espeĀ­cialĀ­ly useĀ­ful for revolvĀ­ing parts.

Venetian Mask

AnothĀ­er examĀ­ple of 3D modĀ­elĀ­ing with refĀ­erĀ­ence image, in this case the refĀ­erĀ­ence is used to copy the topolĀ­oĀ­gy of a 3D face in a preĀ­cise way, this will make it respond betĀ­ter to proĀ­porĀ­tionĀ­al deforĀ­maĀ­tions and subdivisions.

I think it's a good way to study how to modĀ­el faces in 3D.

Torii ā€” Japanese Gate

I realĀ­ly liked makĀ­ing this timeĀ­lapse, although I had to do it twice because in the first time I adjustĀ­ed the proĀ­gram badĀ­ly to capĀ­ture the screen.

In this case I researched a litĀ­tle to find royĀ­alĀ­ty free music that fits the modĀ­el and found a chanĀ­nel called PerĀ­iTune that had very nice melodies and some could be used in the videos. They also have a website.

Kokeshi ā€” Japanese Doll

This is one of the first 3D modĀ­els I made using Blender 2.8 and its new Eevee renĀ­derĀ­ing engine.

I found Eevee's abilĀ­iĀ­ty to apply effects in real time great, but at first I found it hard to get used to new things, such as selectĀ­ing with the left click.

I had to do the timeĀ­lapse twice because the first time I had a probĀ­lem with the catch.

Skyrim's Lockpick System 

I'm doing a lockĀ­pick analyĀ­sis of Skyrim for my page. My intenĀ­tion is to recreĀ­ate it in UniĀ­ty as faithĀ­fulĀ­ly as posĀ­siĀ­ble and the first step is to creĀ­ate the 3D model.

In this timeĀ­lapse not only do the modĀ­elĀ­ing and UV maps in Blender but I use SubĀ­stance Painter to creĀ­ate the texĀ­tures, is a great softĀ­ware that I acquired a few months ago.

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