Some­times it is nec­es­sary to know the length of the edges in Blender, for exam­ple when we are mod­el­ing parts from a schemat­ic or build­ing a mod­el for 3D print­ing, in this arti­cle we will see how to dis­play the length of the select­ed edges.

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In this video we see how to DISPLAY EDGE LENGTHS in Blender

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We start with the 3D mod­el shown in fig­ure 1, to acti­vate the dis­play of the edge lengths you can be in object mode or in edit mode, in this case, with the mod­el select­ed, I will enter in edit mode and select an edge of the mod­el, as shown in fig­ure 2.

3d model of inclined planes made in blender
Fig. 1: 3D mod­el whose edge length needs to be known.
3d model of inclined planes made in blender
Fig. 2: In edit mode an edge of the mod­el is selected.

Let's locate the icon over the cur­sor in fig­ure 3, when we click on it the "View­port Over­lays" win­dow is dis­played, which allows us to con­fig­ure which ele­ments over­lap in the Blender's 3D work­ing space, here we will acti­vate the "Edge Length" check­box, which is shown in fig­ure 4.

Window of overlapping elements in the Viewport.
Fig. 3: Win­dow of over­lap­ping ele­ments in the Viewport.
Option to display the length of the edges of a model in Blender.
Fig. 4: Option to dis­play the edge lengths of a mod­el in Blender.

In doing so, the edge lengths of the select­ed mod­el are now dis­played, as shown in Fig­ure 5.

3d model of inclined planes with edge length in blender
Fig. 5: The 3D mod­el now has the lengths of the select­ed edges over­lapped in the Viewport.

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