This section lists the articles corresponding to the study of algebra. These articles will have a theoretical part in which we will try to use strict language to explain the subject, equations or graphics and then in general there will be a more relaxed part in which applications are shown in the field of programming or videogame development.

What is Algebra?

Algebra is the branch of mathematics that studies the sets of numbers and the different fundamental operations.

Why is it important to study Algebra?

Algebra teaches us how to operate with numbers, it shows us the basic rules of equations and inequalities.

Having a good knowledge of algebra we can use mathematical models and transform them into what we need to solve our problems.

In programming it will help us to correctly interpret mathematical models and create algorithms to find solutions.

Elementary Algebra

Here we will look at basic concepts such as notation, numerical sets, properties and elementary operations.

Article on Numeric Sets.

Numerical sets group numbers into different types considering the characteristics they have in common. Establishing the differences that exist between numbers will help us decide which type of numerical variable is the most appropriate to use in our code.

Article on Cartesian System.

Coordinates are used to position objects on the stage, elements of the graphical interface on the screen, know the position of the cursor, among others. Knowing the Cartesian plane and how it is used to graph points and mathematical functions will be useful for example to calculate object trajectories.

Linear Algebra

This branch studies systems of linear equations, solution sets, vectors and matrices.

Article on Vectors in the plane and in space.

A mathematical vector is a tool that allows us to represent magnitudes in which not only the intensity (or module), but also the direction and direction in which they are applied are important.

Boolean Algebra

Logical operations are studied here.

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