This sec­tion lists the arti­cles cor­re­spond­ing to the study of alge­bra. These arti­cles will have a the­o­ret­i­cal part in which we will try to use strict lan­guage to explain the sub­ject, equa­tions or graph­ics and then in gen­er­al there will be a more relaxed part in which appli­ca­tions are shown in the field of pro­gram­ming or videogame development.

What is Algebra?

Alge­bra is the branch of math­e­mat­ics that stud­ies the sets of num­bers and the dif­fer­ent fun­da­men­tal operations. 

Why is it important to study Algebra?

Alge­bra teach­es us how to oper­ate with num­bers, it shows us the basic rules of equa­tions and inequalities. 

Hav­ing a good knowl­edge of alge­bra we can use math­e­mat­i­cal mod­els and trans­form them into what we need to solve our problems.

In pro­gram­ming it will help us to cor­rect­ly inter­pret math­e­mat­i­cal mod­els and cre­ate algo­rithms to find solutions.

Elementary Algebra

Here we will look at basic con­cepts such as nota­tion, numer­i­cal sets, prop­er­ties and ele­men­tary operations.

Arti­cle on Numer­ic Sets.

Numer­i­cal sets group num­bers into dif­fer­ent types con­sid­er­ing the char­ac­ter­is­tics they have in com­mon. Estab­lish­ing the dif­fer­ences that exist between num­bers will help us decide which type of numer­i­cal vari­able is the most appro­pri­ate to use in our code. 

Arti­cle on Carte­sian System. 

Coor­di­nates are used to posi­tion objects on the stage, ele­ments of the graph­i­cal inter­face on the screen, know the posi­tion of the cur­sor, among oth­ers. Know­ing the Carte­sian plane and how it is used to graph points and math­e­mat­i­cal func­tions will be use­ful for exam­ple to cal­cu­late object trajectories. 

Linear Algebra

This branch stud­ies sys­tems of lin­ear equa­tions, solu­tion sets, vec­tors and matrices.

Arti­cle on Vec­tors in the plane and in space. 

A math­e­mat­i­cal vec­tor is a tool that allows us to rep­re­sent mag­ni­tudes in which not only the inten­si­ty (or mod­ule), but also the direc­tion and direc­tion in which they are applied are important.

Boolean Algebra

Log­i­cal oper­a­tions are stud­ied here.

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