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This section brings together articles aimed at learning mathematics from basic to more complex subjects, with a focus on application.

Mathematics is a useful tool that is applied in many disciplines. On this page we are interested in learning to apply it in what we do in programming, game development or 3D design.

In general, the articles will initially have a theoretical part, which will have the strict language of mathematics and at the end of the article we will relax a little studying an example of application in some of the areas that interest us.

How to learn math on this page?

With time I will be uploading articles and videos on three main topics.


In this section we will study the numbers and the fundamental operations.


In this section there will be articles related to the study of figures in the plane and space.

Mathematical Analysis or Calculus

In this section we will study the functions, limits, derivatives and integrals.

A commitment to oneself

Basically we learn mathematics for two reasons: one is the need, for example when we have to pass an exam, in general we study a lot in a short time, we do not understand the issues in depth and we learn what it takes to pass, in addition to the stress that usually comes with it.

The second reason is to learn mathematics out of self-interest, i.e. not having the obligation to do so but still being interested in the subject and researching it.

I believe that in order to get the most out of it we have to make the decision to learn mathematics out of interest and understand that at heart it is a necessity for us, since it is a useful tool that will help us to form critical thinking and will bring us great benefits.

You have to be willing to learn math from scratch and when you don’t understand something, go to the bottom of the matter, investigate until you understand why things happen.

If we manage to have this predisposition, it will undoubtedly be easier for us to learn math.

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