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You con­trol a space­ship that fires one pro­jec­tile at a time. Waves of alien ships advance threat­en­ing to destroy us. Take down the ene­mies before they reach us.

How to play

Move side­ways with the A‑D keys or the left and right arrow keys. Shoot with the SPACE key. Elim­i­nate all the ships.

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Technical Details

Next we are going to review some infor­ma­tion about the game's inter­nal work­ings, first of all it is a 2D project devel­oped with the Uni­ty engine. The sprites were obtained from the inter­net.
Giv­en the sim­plic­i­ty of the pro­to­type I used a sin­gle Uni­ty scene, so it was not nec­es­sary to wor­ry about the trans­fer of infor­ma­tion between scenes.

Game Mechanics

Nave controlada por el jugador

The ship can only move hor­i­zon­tal­ly from one end of the screen to the oth­er with a cer­tain speed, for the move­ment we use the direc­tion­al arrows or the A‑D keys.
Press­ing the SPACE key the ship fires a pro­jec­tile that trav­els with a cer­tain speed which will increase as we advance to the next wave.
By design require­ments the ship can only fire one pro­jec­tile at a time, that is to say that there can only be one mis­sile on the screen, when it hits an ene­my ship or goes off the screen, at that moment the ship is enabled to fire anoth­er one.
The ship con­trolled by the play­er is destroyed when it is touched by an ene­my ship.
The play­er has three lives to kill as many waves as pos­si­ble, even­tu­al­ly all of his ships will be destroyed and the game will end.

Enemy ships

In each wave five ene­my ships appear at the top of the screen, which will start mov­ing hor­i­zon­tal­ly to one side of the screen, when one of the ships reach­es one end of the screen, the whole set of ene­my ships drops slight­ly and then moves in the oth­er direc­tion with an increase in speed.
The speed of the ene­my ships also increas­es with each wave.

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