Space Visitors – Space Invaders​ like game made in Unity

Space visitors


You control a spaceship that fires one projectile at a time. Waves of alien ships advance threatening to destroy us. Take down the enemies before they reach us.

How to play

Move sideways with the A-D keys or the left and right arrow keys. Shoot with the SPACE key. Eliminate all the ships.

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Technical Details

Next we are going to review some information about the game’s internal workings, first of all it is a 2D project developed with the Unity engine. The sprites were obtained from the internet.
Given the simplicity of the prototype I used a single Unity scene, so it was not necessary to worry about the transfer of information between scenes.

Game Mechanics

Nave controlada por el jugador

The ship can only move horizontally from one end of the screen to the other with a certain speed, for the movement we use the directional arrows or the A-D keys.
Pressing the SPACE key the ship fires a projectile that travels with a certain speed which will increase as we advance to the next wave.
By design requirements the ship can only fire one projectile at a time, that is to say that there can only be one missile on the screen, when it hits an enemy ship or goes off the screen, at that moment the ship is enabled to fire another one.
The ship controlled by the player is destroyed when it is touched by an enemy ship.
The player has three lives to kill as many waves as possible, eventually all of his ships will be destroyed and the game will end.

Enemy ships

In each wave five enemy ships appear at the top of the screen, which will start moving horizontally to one side of the screen, when one of the ships reaches one end of the screen, the whole set of enemy ships drops slightly and then moves in the other direction with an increase in speed.
The speed of the enemy ships also increases with each wave.

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