How to IMPORT and EXPORT packages in Unity


In this article we see how to import and export packages in Unity, we can use this feature to share Assets, for example the Unity solutions that can be downloaded from this page are packed this way, so in order to use them you need to know how to import a package in Unity.

If you prefer to watch a video I have the right video for this topic:

How to import Unity Packages

Unity packages are files with a “.unitypackage” extension.

To import them we can right click on our project folder and put “Import Package > Custom Package”, then choose the package in the pop-up window. We can also drag the package to Unity or simply double click on it.

When we import it, a window will appear to select which files of the package we want to import, after choosing the ones we need, we click on the Import button.

When the import process is finished we can retrieve all the Assets contained in the package.

How to export Unity Packages

To export a Unity package we right click on the project folder and choose the option “Export Package”, a window will pop up allowing us to choose the files that will be packed. When we finish, we click on the “Export” button and a saving window appears in which we have to enter the name and location of the file.

With this we have the Unity package ready to share.

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