Functional Wall Clock for Unity


This download for Unity consists of a 3D model of an antique style wall clock, Roman numerals and a wooden frame. The hands are functional.

The download includes the PBR textures with 512 x 512 resolution.

In the following video you can see how to import packages in Unity.

Download Unity Package

Content of the Package

Inside there is a 3D model of the clock, three textures (Albedo, Metallic and Normal). Two scripts to set the clock and test that functionality. A scene in which everything is configured, when you open this scene and enter the game mode, the clock model will show randomly different times.

How to use the Wall Clock for Unity

The Clock is controlled using the “GDTClock” script, this has a public function called “SetTime” that allows to set the time.

In simple terms, to use the clock we must create a Script that controls it, inside this Script we must define a reference of the class “GDTClock” and find the reference of this object in the hierarchy, this last one we can do manually defining the object “GDTClock” as public or serialized and then dragging the GameObject of the Clock to the field in the inspector. The “WallClockTest” script inside the package shows how to use the clock.

I leave you an article about Communication Between Scripts in Unity. With this you can understand in detail how to use this clock.

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