Functional Wall Clock for Unity


This down­load for Uni­ty con­sists of a 3D mod­el of an antique style wall clock, Roman numer­als and a wood­en frame. The hands are functional.

The down­load includes the PBR tex­tures with 512 x 512 resolution.

In the fol­low­ing video you can see how to import pack­ages in Unity.




Download Unity Package

GDT Wall Clock
GDT Wall Clock
Size: 359 KB
Ver­sion: 1.0
Pub­lished: Feb­ru­ary 25, 2020

Content of the Package

Inside there is a 3D mod­el of the clock, three tex­tures (Albe­do, Metal­lic and Nor­mal). Two scripts to set the clock and test that func­tion­al­i­ty. A scene in which every­thing is con­fig­ured, when you open this scene and enter the game mode, the clock mod­el will show ran­dom­ly dif­fer­ent times.

How to use the Wall Clock for Unity

The Clock is con­trolled using the "GDT­Clock" script, this has a pub­lic func­tion called "Set­Time" that allows to set the time. 

In sim­ple terms, to use the clock we must cre­ate a Script that con­trols it, inside this Script we must define a ref­er­ence of the class "GDT­Clock" and find the ref­er­ence of this object in the hier­ar­chy, this last one we can do man­u­al­ly defin­ing the object "GDT­Clock" as pub­lic or seri­al­ized and then drag­ging the GameOb­ject of the Clock to the field in the inspec­tor. The "Wall­Clock­Test" script inside the pack­age shows how to use the clock.

I leave you an arti­cle about Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Between Scripts in Uni­ty. With this you can under­stand in detail how to use this clock.

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