PBR Seamless Ground Textures for Unity

By GameDevTraum


In this article there are Seamless PBR Textures of floors to download and apply to your 3D models.

A Seamless texture is a texture with horizontal and vertical symmetry in such a way that it can be placed one after the other and the result is a continuous texture.

The term PBR is “physics-based rendering” and means that these textures are prepared to behave appropriately with light sources. These particular textures are adapted to the Unity engine (Metallic Workflow).

For each texture there are representative images and a brief description, indicating data such as the resolution.

The textures have several maps each and are in PNG format.

You can use these textures to apply to your 3D models in Unity and build prototypes quickly. I hope you find them useful.

Brick floor

Resolution: 1024 x 1024 – Maps: 3 – Format: PNG