How to DISPLAY animation BONES IN FRONT of objects in Blender

When we are RigĀ­ging and creĀ­atĀ­ing aniĀ­maĀ­tions in Blender it is useĀ­ful to be able to visuĀ­alĀ­ize the aniĀ­maĀ­tion bones in front of the 3D modĀ­el to make it easĀ­iĀ­er to select and manipĀ­uĀ­late them, in this artiĀ­cle we will see how to make bones always appear in front of everyĀ­thing, regardĀ­less of whether there are othĀ­er objects in front of them.

I recommend you the following video:

In this video we see how to make the armaĀ­ture ALWAYS RENDER in FRONT in Blender.

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We start with a 3D modĀ­el and its respecĀ­tive ArmaĀ­ture object (aniĀ­maĀ­tion skeleĀ­ton), as shown in figĀ­ure 1 the ArmaĀ­ture is bareĀ­ly visĀ­iĀ­ble in solĀ­id mode, so let's switch to WireĀ­frame mode to be able to see and select the ArmaĀ­ture, as shown in figĀ­ure 2.

3d model of a snowman in Blender with armature
Fig. 1: In the scene we have a 3D modĀ­el and an ArmaĀ­ture object that is obstructĀ­ed by the object.
wireframe mode that allows you to see hidden objects in Blender
Fig. 2: In WireĀ­frame mode you can see objects that are hidĀ­den behind othĀ­er objects.

With the ArmaĀ­ture selectĀ­ed we go to the propĀ­erĀ­ties winĀ­dow with the icon shown in figĀ­ure 3 and in the "ViewĀ­port DisĀ­play" secĀ­tion we check the "In Front" checkĀ­box.

properties tab of an Armature object
Fig. 3: With the ArmaĀ­ture selectĀ­ed, go to its propĀ­erĀ­ties tab.
option to display animation bones in front of objects in Blender
Fig. 4: In the "ViewĀ­port DisĀ­play" secĀ­tion, check the "In Front" checkĀ­box to disĀ­play the aniĀ­maĀ­tion bones in front of the objects.

Now the aniĀ­maĀ­tion bones are always visĀ­iĀ­ble from any perĀ­specĀ­tive no matĀ­ter if they are inside the modĀ­el or even if there are othĀ­er objects in the scene in front of them, makĀ­ing ArmaĀ­ture easy to use.

3d model of a snowman in Blender with armature visible on top of the 3d model
Fig. 5: The aniĀ­maĀ­tion skeleĀ­ton is now visĀ­iĀ­ble even if it is inside the 3D model.
3d model of a snowman in Blender with armature visible on top of the 3d model
Fig. 6: In this othĀ­er view we see how the ArmaĀ­ture is inside the modĀ­el but still visible.




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