unity como mover al personaje haciendo clic en el escenario, solucion para descargar

Move the Character with Mouse, Point and Click – Unity Solution


This solution consists of a way to control Standard Assets’ artificial intelligence prefab, Ethan, by clicking on the stage.

By right clicking the character will walk to the indicated position and if double clicking, the character will run to the indicated position.

Download Unity Package

Mover al Personaje Haciendo Clic en el Escenario en Unity

Version: 1.0
Published: March 27, 2020


When importing the package you must bake the Navmesh before entering the game mode, otherwise you will get an error and the character will not move. To do this we go to the GameObject called “WalkAreas” inside “Castle” and in the “Nav Mesh Surface” component we click on Bake.

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