How to Download and Install Unity using Torrent


In this article we see how to download Unity using Torrent which allows us to pause the download, this is useful if we have a slow or unstable internet connection.

In my case it was quite difficult to install a version of Unity or making an upgrade because, for several reasons, the download always was canceled, the main problem was the internet speed, this makes the download time very long and consequently there is more room for internet cuts and ruin the download.

Luckily Unity offers a way to download any version so we can pause and resume downloading at any time.

In the following video you can see, step by step, how to download Unity using Torrent.

Procedure to download Unity with possibility to Pause and Resume the download Step by Step

unity download using torrent classic with possibility to pause the download
Fig. 1: We downloaded the uTorrent software to be able to download Unity with the possibility to pause and resume the download.

1. Download and Install the uTorrent Software here. I Recommend the classic version.

unity download using torrent with possibility to pause the download
Fig. 2: We choose the Unity version and then in “Downloads (win)” the Torrent option.

2. Download Unity HUB and choose Unity version, click on the drop-down menu called “Downloads (win)” and choose the last option: “Torrent download (win+mac)”.

3. Open the torrent file that is automatically downloaded in the previous step and choose the components you want to download.

download unity engine using torrent
Fig. 3: Running the Torrent file to open it in uTorrent
download unity engine using torrent
Fig. 4: We choose the components we need.

4. When the download finishes, run all the installers, the engine itself and any other components needed, for example the Android or WebGL installer.

5. Open Unity HUB and go to the “Installs” section, there click on the “Locate” button which will open a window to select a file, in that window locate the Unity engine executable, by default it is installed in Program Files > Unity > Editor.

Unity HUB to install Unity engine versions
Fig. 5: In the Installs section of Unity HUB we click on Locate and look for the executable in the folder where it was installed.
unity engine executable to locate installation from unity hub
Fig. 6: By default it is installed in Program Files > Unity > Editor.

6. Now we can select the new installed version when creating a new project or change the version of an existing project.

selecting a version of the unity editor for a project from the unity hub
Fig. 7: When creating a new project or opening an existing one we can select the Unity version.

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