artículo sobre cómo hacer letras 3d en blender

Make 3D Text in Blender


In this article we are going to see how to create 3D text in Blender, for that we are going to use a font obtained from the internet, you can download one or use one of those found in the System Fonts folder.

In the following video you can see the procedure to make 3D text in Blender.

Procedure for making 3D Text in Blender

In my case I’m going to download a font from the “1001 Fonts” page. If the font you like is already installed on your system, you can find it in the path “Windows/Fonts/”. Make sure you know the location so you can locate it in Blender.

fonts to make 3d letters in blender
Fig. 1: We chose a font for the 3D text.

In object mode, press SHIFT + A and add a new text, as shown in figure 2. Then, with the text selected, press Tab to enter edit mode and write the text you want.

blender add menu to add new objects, selected text
Fig. 2: We add a text object.

editing 3d text object in blender
Fig. 3: With Tab we enter the editing mode and write the text.

When we have a Text selected a tab appears where we can configure all the properties, we can see it in figure 4. Inside that tab we go to the Fonts section and click on the button to open (figure 5).

blender text tab to set up 3d letters
Fig. 4: Let’s go to the text tab that appears when we have a text object selected.

font selection for 3d letters
Fig. 5: In the Font section we click on the button to open the font.

Using the explorer we look for the font we have chosen.

font selection for 3d letters
Fig. 6: We select the font in the explorer.

I’m going to center the text on “Paragraph – Alignment” (figure 7) and to make the letters 3D we go to the “Geometry” section and give a non-zero value to “Extrude”.

3d text alignment in blender
Fig. 7: We can align the text.

extrude parameter to make 3d letters in blender
Fig. 8: To give volume to the text we go to “Geometry” and increase the value “Extrude”.

This makes the text now have depth, as we see in figure 9.

3d letters made in blender
Fig. 9: We set all the necessary parameters until we obtain the desired result.

Convert Text Object to Mesh in Blender

When we finish editing the text we return to the object mode, right-click on the text and choose “Convert To Mesh”, this will make the text object become a 3D model.

In figure 11 we see the geometry of the 3D letters.

convert 3d letters to mesh in blender
Fig. 10: We convert the text object to Mesh, that way the letters will become a 3D object.

3d letter geometry in blender
Fig. 11: When entering the editing mode we can see the geometry of the 3D letters.

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